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National Gathering Of Elders

Statement Of Need

The benefit of the National Gathering of Elders to the thousands of elders in attendance coming from all across the country is better experienced than in written form. Visualize 3,000 - 4,000 elders or more from all across Canada coming together to experience this great historic event where people can listen, assist, watch, and learn. Although the registration fees the elders pay is only a fraction of the actual cost of the gathering, with the minimal income the elders have at their disposal, it is the goal of the core committee to find sustainable funding partners to allow the committee to invite the elders from across the land at as little cost as possible to attend the gatherings.

Goals For the Event

  1. To build and strengthen the gap of education between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.
  2. To promote environmental responsibility and sustainability through cultural knowledge.​
  3. To work with schools and universities to build a bridge on knowledge on the importance of Indigenous knowledge.
  4. For elders to work in collaborative setting to put for recommendation on cultural preservation for the purposes to promote positive mental health and belonging.
  5. Discussion of traditional knowledge frameworks.

"Honouring our old ones, Story Tellers & Teachings" continues the journey to ...

“Honour our ancestors through our elders & recognizing our future through our youth”. 


The National Gathering of Elders provides non-natives and corporations a wonderful opportunity to get to know, understand and learn to respect the traditions, cultures, complexity, protocol and diversity of First Nations. The single most important key in businesses and governments developing opportunities with First Nations is through building relationship. It is vital that business people come to learn who they are dealing with and the context of how to move forward. 


Monday, September 11, 2017

9 am Grand Entry (Hall D)

1pm Welcome/Opening Remarks (Hall D)

3 pm Entertainment (Hall D)

*10am-5pm Holistic Wellness (Rm 106)

*11am-10pm Trade Show (Hall E)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9am -10pm National Cultural Showcase (Hall D)

11 am-1pm Lunch (Hall FGH  *two sittings)

4:00pm-5:30pm Dinner (Hall FGH  *two sittings)

*10am-5pm Holistic Wellness (Rm 106)

*10am-Midnight Trade Show (Hall E)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9am-4:30 pm Elders Discussion Forum Topics:

Climate Change (Rm 104)

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (Rm 105)

Revitalization of Indigenous Language and Culture (Rm 109-109a)

Reconciliation (Rm 107-107a and 108-108a)

11am-1pm Lunch (Hall FGH  *two sittings)

4:30pm- 5pm Supper (Hall FGH  *two sittings)

6pm Elders Talent Show (Hall D)

9pm Elders Social Dance (Hall D)

*10am-5pm Holistic Wellness (Rm 106)

*10am-11pm Trade Show (Hall E)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

9am-12pm Closing Ceremonies (Hall D)

*10am-1pm Trade Show (Hall E)


For further registration information and/or changes please contact:

Marlene Poitras, Registration Coordinator 

Email: registration@ngekanata.com

Fax: 780-451-0116

website click here

Early Bird Registration on or before May 31st 2017. -

Aboriginal Congress Of Alberta


Our primary goal of ACAA is to create a political voice within the Indigenous Peoples Assembly of Canada on behalf of off-reserve Aboriginal People of Alberta., which can properluy represent those people to the Alberta Government and the Government of Canada and all other possible partners and stakeholders. 

The secondary goal of ACAA is to promote access to programs denied our membership, I such areas as Health Care, employment training, and post secondary education, affordable housing, and legal services regarding criminal justice, poverty issues advocacy, Aboriginal rights and mental Health services. ACAA will move to create an equitable service delivery system specially for Aboriginal persons living off reserve in Alberta. 

A Teritary goal is to ensure a reliable process which will keep our constituency informed as to how to access programs and services while giving those the same constituents a legitimate voice on issues, while identifying and removing barriers.